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Product Code: 2011GAASTRAIQ

Shipping Info

Gaastra quality, Gaastra Satisfaction Guaranteed.
Designed by American Dan Kaseler. Developed in USA.

The latest and greatest signature sail model from Thomas Traversa is alive and kicking! This short-luff, compact sail provides quick acceleration with ultra maneuverability!  It is soft in the hands and powerful in the light winds.... A sail that will do whatever it is told!

The 4 batten skeleton (3.6 - 5.0m), reduces weight while generating power. 5 battens (5.3 - 5.7m) for exceptional stability in gusts. It has a forgiving character that delivers instant on/off response offering great control. The Low aspect ratio is perfect for wave and freestyle sailors. The window shape is optimized for viewing the wave so you can see exactly where you need to go. A triangulated load bearing panel gives an unmatched strength to weight ratio.

Thomas Traversa:
"What can I say.... this is the sail I have always wanted. I can put it wherever I want- I can turn tighter, hit the lip harder and spin easier. I love it!"

Bottom line:

A radical do it all sail- works great for wave, freestyle and freeride applications. A progressive rig that will not let you down. This durable construction will take abuse and keep you going strong.  The new-school design will take your sailing to the next level!


Mike (Windsurfing Direct founder) lining up to play in small front side waves in Natal, Brazil on his 5.3 IQ


  • Instant response // ultimate ON / OFF control
  • Optimized view windows // for improved visibility
  • Low aspect // Most aggressive in wave & freestyle
  • Four battens // reduced weight and powerful but forgiving character
  • Triangulated load bearing panel layout // Gives the most strength to weight ratio
  • Short luff lenght // for more control
Size Kg Mast IMCS Luff Boom Base Batten Head

4.0 3.1 370 17 371 151 0 4 Vario

4.2 3.3 370 17 377 156 9 4 Vario

4.5 3.4 370 17 390 162 22 4 Vario

4.7 3.5 370 17 396 166 28 4 Vario

5.0 3.6 400 19 406 172 8 4 Vario

5.3 3.9 400 19 417 178 19 5 Vario

5.7 4.0 430 21 436 183 8 5 Vario

6.1 4.2 430 21 447 188 19 5 Vario


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Twin strip x ply luff panel: with S-string Kevlar reinforcements For stability and higher rig tension
California Battens - Best on the market with 505 Tubes
High quality Dimension Polyant material - Doesn't delaminate
Heavy Duty Luff sock - the lightest on the market when wet
Luff Sock stitching is 100% protected to ensure durability
Jelly Foot and Seam beads to protect against aggressive non-skid of modern boards
Reinforced End-batten HD Layer
Silicon Reinforced Mast Opening & Sail perimeter
Double stitched seams
Clew Grommet Reinforced - most durable on the market
Dycut Curves to protect baten pocket ends when rigging
Responsive leech tension: With higher clew grommet
Six batten configuration for stability
Perfected foot cut out: Balancing speed and maneuverability
Triangulated load bearing panel layout: Gives the most strength to weight ratio

Boardseeker Magazine Test

The IQ is exactly as Gaastra describe it " a compact, low aspect wave sail. It has the shortest luff in test (417cm) combined with the longest boom (178cm). Sail weight is 3.87kg, which puts it around the middle of the group for weight (although on the water it certainly felt one of the lightest in the hands).

The IQ has quite a high cut foot (the highest in test), and the bottom batten is consequently a lot shorter than the clew length. This makes it a bit harder to get shape into the foot of the sail, as releasing too much outhaul makes the sail quite baggy around the clew. The IQ therefore sets a bit flatter than most of the other test sails, but does have a reasonable amount of rotation / fullness at the front of the sail where the battens meet the mast.

We actually found that the IQ wasn't a massively tuneable sail, but instead had a fantastic 'untuned range'. Basically, get it set right and then leave it alone, allowing the sail to do the job of delivering performance right through the wind range. If necessary you can squeeze a tiny bit more bottom end out of the sail by releasing a touch of downhaul, but most sailors will be best sticking to one set.

On the water

On the water, the IQ instantly feels like a performance product. This is no scaled down freeride sail pretending to be a wave sail " this is a real hardcore wave sail, built for purpose.

It's very light, manoeuvrable and neutral in the hands. The high cut foot and short luff make the sail feel very agile on the wave and arguably the most manoeuvre orientated sail of the test. The power point is perfect for driving the board through the turns, and the IQ felt well suited to the new style multi-fin boards.

The top end is fantastic, jointly the best in test. The slightly forward pulling power point, flatter profile and compact shape give the sail great stability. Most importantly for a wave sail it keeps feeling manoeuvrable even when you should be on a smaller sail.

The power delivery is relatively sharp, giving it a responsive feel in the hands, and the pull position was the most forward of this group, keeping it light and neutral in the hands and very easy to depower on the wave.

Overall Impression

While by no means a powerless sail, the IQ is not quite a match for the rest of these sails in terms of 'raw power'. If absolute raw power is your thing, then check out the Poison. But when it comes to wave performance the IQ is extremely impressive, offering lightness, manoeuvrability and agility that you wouldn't normally associate with a sail of this size. These assets, combined with a fantastic top end, make it a great choice for all types of wavesailor other than the heaviest or most power hungry.

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