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2011 GAASTRA POISON WAVE Windsurfing Sail Image on


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Product Code: 2011GAASTRAPOISON

Shipping Info

Gaastra quality, Gaastra Satisfaction Guaranteed.
Designed by American Dan Kaseler. Developed in USA.

The Poison will perform in just about any condition. It is great for the "big guys" wave sail. Power to move, stability in the high winds. More backhanded power as compared to Manic and IQ. Makes for a great bump and jump sail for lakes, rivers or other places when the wind is less consistent.

The Poison remains our powerhouse people mover. Get up and go with built in power generated from enhanced seem shaping combined with our twinstripe X ply luff panel. A longer boom length and a new outline put the Poison in a league of it's own. A perfect combination of Power and control that keeps you moving in light and gusty winds.

Dan Kaseler:
For this years Poison we changed the outline up to get a more efficient flow through the wind. The seam shaping has increased a taste to deliver more power that is controlled with the new outline. The luff curve has been adjusted to provide more rig tension and a better twist flow.

The Poison delivers power with its longer boom length and loaded seem shape. The twinstripe X ply luff panel keeps a steady feel to the rig. A higher clew height gives a firmer leach that keeps power in your hands.

Arnon Dagan:
“When I sail in light winds and I need power to get moving in the onshore conditions. The Poison gives me what I am looking for and more!”


Tech Specs

Size Kg Mast IMCS Luff Boom Base Batten Head

4.0 3.3 370 17 378 151 10 5 Vario

4.2 3.5 370 17 388 157 20 5 Vario

4.5 3.6 400 19 403 160 5 5 Vario

4.7 3.7 400 19 412 165 14 5 Vario

5.0 3.8 400 19 418 167 20 5 Vario

5.4 3.9 400 19 425 174 27 5 Vario

5.8 4.2 430 21 444 178 16 5 Vario

6.2 4.4 430 21 455 190 27 5 Vario

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