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CHINOOK JUNIOR GLIDE 1.0m & 1.5m Two SAIL Kid Beginner Rig from $329 with Free Shipping* Chinook Power Glide 3.0-7.5m Rig or Sail Only. GAASTRA FREETIME X-PLY 6.5m SAIL $239 with FREE Shipping*!
Our Price: $329.00
One only
Chinook Power Glide Rig Image on Gaastra Freetime Windsurfing Sail Image on

Two Sail Package! The Junior Glide kids rig is a simple and durable design.


It is so light that kids become comfortable light wind sailors in the first hour or two.
Includes 2-Sails, 2pc alloy mast, Chinook kid boom, 1-Bolt Mechanical Mast Base, extension, uphaul, 1.0-1.5m package.

Performance, durability, and light-weight built into one sail.

Majority of X-ply material combined with Dacron is very light yet extremely durable. Endo-batten seam shaping helps to create a powerful sail that is tunable with screw-adjusting batten tensioners. Comes with Ezzy built sail, 2-piece epoxy mast, Competition boom, 1-Bolt Tendon mast base, alloy extension, and uphaul. Designed for demanding recreational sailors. RBS Battens.

Power Glide-Kid Performance Rig This is the next step for progressing kids. A very light performance rig at an affordable price. RBS Battens. Current available color pattern is Red/Black/White. 3.0 or 3.5 size. Includes Ezzy built sail, reduced diameter epoxy mast, Kid Boom, 1-Bolt Tendon US Mast Base, Skinny Alum Extension, Up-Haul, and a reduced diameter mast shim.
No other sail line has the durability, draft stability, soft feel, easy power on and off, and outline balance than these sails offer. The Freetime allows users to feel the balance and easily control the pull of the sail. There is no fight or effort in controlling it, which equals the board is up and racing away, and the fun begins instantly!