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MAUI FIN WEED BURNER - Tuttle, Deep Tuttle & Power Box. MAUI FIN WEED WAVE - U.S. & Power Box MAUI FIN LIQUID PRO FREERIDE - Tuttle & Power Box.
Our Price: $149.00
Sale Price: $99.95
Our Price: $139.00
Sale Price: $89.95
Our Price: $149.00
Sale Price: $99.95
Maui Fin Weed Burner Image on Maui Weed Wave Fin Image on Maui Fin Liquid Pro Freeride Board Fin Image on

With the input of expert sailors from Hatteras, Southern TX, and Maui, MFC have developed a fin that sheds weeds or sea grass without sacrificing every bit of performance.


This fin is the exact copy of MFC SL and RC models designed with Micah Buzianis. The fin is very fast, while the upwind performance and the early planning are incredible for this kind of fin. A 45 degree rake allows weeds to easily slide off. Precise draft location and a 2.5cm forward offset provide the performance necessary for modern hull shapes.


Sea grass shouldn’t spoil a good wave-riding day! MFC understands this concept and has developed a fin that holds well on hard bottom turns, has great speed and planing ability, and even sheds weeds.  


Maneuverable, fast and easy to ride; the rake allows weeds to slide off easily in any conditions. The profile is the same as MFC 211 Series fin line, and the material we choose for this model is G-10 CNC foiled.

Precise draft location, a generous chord length, and a 2.5cm forward offset provide the performance necessary for weedy wave locations.

New outline, new profile, new materials, the LIQUID PRO is the new freeride/freerace concept by MFC. The profile is generated by the SL and RC models, with incredible top speed, great planning and maneuverability.

Ideal for Freeride/Freerace conditions, as well as flat and choppy conditions. This model is available in power and tuttle base to supply all the board manufacturer demands.

Our Price: $111.00
Sale Price: $89.99
Our Price: $109.00
Sale Price: $79.99
Our Price: $169.00
Sale Price: $99.95
Maui Fin Freewave Windsurfing Board Fin Image on Maui Fin Freestyle Pro Windsurfing Board Fin Image on Maui Fin Freestyle Pro Ultra Light Board Fin Image on
New lay-up for the most sailed freewave fin on the market. This year we also introduce VECTRAN, a new prepreg cloth which is strong, light and very responsive to the torsion needed for our fins. Maneuvers have never been easier! Top speed, early planning and upwind ability are just unreal on this particular model.

Ideal for freewave conditions, the 21cm and the 23cm can be also use in wave riding on-shore conditions.


New construction, new outline, new sizes going as small as 16cm, this is the new MFC FREEESTYLE PRO developed with the entire team such as the New World Champion Gollito Estredo, the 3 times Freestyle World Champion Ricardo Campello, and the crazy Brazilian innovator Kauli Seadi.

The outline has a narrow cord and the surface is very small allowing your board to perform all the new double moves on tour. The prepreg construction makes for a very light fin compared to the rest of the materials on the market; this will keep the tail of your board very light under your feet and easy to lift for your freestyle moves. This fin is ideal for Freestyle.

The ULTRA LIGHT is the lightest freestyle fin on the market.
We produced 300 fins with this model/construction for our special freestyle customers. Each fin will have its own individual serial number because it is such a unique product.

The outline and the profile are as same as our Freestyle-Pro, but the UL is made with new composites components such as carbon powders, carbon strips, and Vectran cloth.

We worked on this project for a full year testing different construction and different lay-ups until we reached our target. These days boards manufactures work so hard to make their freestyle boards as light as possible and we felt that MFC had to be part of this project designing and producing the lightest Freestyle fin on the market.